Floor Rug Cleaning Donegal

Over the years we have developed a six stage cleaning process for achieving the best possible results when cleaning Floor Rugs.

We also provide a Collect, Clean, Dry & Return service for rug cleaning, offering you that extra convenience and service.

After we hoover all surfaces to remove any loose soiling and particles in preparation for extraction cleaning we begin by:

1) Applying a pre-spray to the rug, with particular focus on the most heavily soiled areas such as walk ways if the rug has been in a hall or to coal stains if it has been in front of a dusty fireplace.

2) We then clean all edge and treat any spotting/staining such as wine spills, chewing gum/blue tack, candle wax or tar that may be in the rug.

3) We use our powerful Extraction Cleaning machinery to deep rinse clean your rugs to effectively and safely remove even the deepest of soil and dirt that may have built up over the years. We use home safe, self-neutralising solutions to guarantee no sticky residue or powders are left behind, ensuring your rugs will stay clean for longer.

4) Then we perform a dry pad buffering of the rug to help loosen the fibres to help bring the rug back to looking it`s best, and absorb any surface soiling that may have been left behind during extraction.

5) To complete the like new finish we use carpet rakes and brushes to resettle the pile to its natural direction and so avoid having unpleasant lines and chevrons permanently drying into your rugs pile.

6) To guarantee our rapid drying times we then apply our Turbo Driers to the completed surfaces. As it varies with different fabrics and drying conditions, we cannot give an exact drying time, but it is our aim with carpets to be touch dry within two hours for the job completion.