Upholstery Cleaning Donegal

Over the years we have developed a six stage cleaning process for achieving the best possible results when cleaning carpets and rugs.

We also provide fabric protection for your upholstery, offering you that extra peace of mind.

After we hoover all surfaces to remove any loose soiling and particles in preparation for extraction cleaning we begin by:

1) Applying a pre-spray to the “problem” areas, such as the headrests, arms and cushion faces. These surfaces receive the most use and abuse and often require a more intensive cleaning than the backs and sides.

2) We then treat any spotting/staining such as wine spills, chewing gum/blue tack, head and hand grease or ink spills that may be in the upholstery surface.

3) We use our powerful Extraction Cleaning machinery to deep rinse clean your Upholstery to effectively and safely remove even the deepest of soil and dirt that may have built up over the years. We pay attention to all surfaces at this stage, covering the key problem areas along with the sides and backs (Which can be pet hair collectors!) and any scatter cushions etc. We use home safe, self-neutralising solutions to guarantee no sticky residue or powders are left behind, ensuring your upholstery and furnishings stay clean for longer.

4) We dry towel wipe and inspect every surface to guarantee the fabric has been properly resettled to achieve a like new finish and to ensure all surfaces have been covered and stains removed.

Before & After